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Ice Water and Dogs

I give my dog (cats too) ice water during the summers here in FL. My Papillon, Pierre, enjoys it and I have never had any problems. One thing you should keep and eye out for is that Papillons drink their water too fast. While, there has never been any medical emergencies with Pierre he will often start coughing from drinking his water too fast. Remember Papillons tend to be high energy dogs and after he has been playing he will run to his water and gulp it down. If the coughing continues, I will massage his throat for a little bit.

Note: In this video, which confirms that giving cold water to dogs will in no way harm them, the medical issue of Bloat is mentioned. While anything is possible bloat is EXTREMELY rare in a Papillon or any other small dog for that matter. Larger dogs are the ones more likely to develop Bloat.

Source: YouTube (HLN)

Image: ThreeDog